Open Training

A REMINDER that Thursday morning's training at Harper's Park is open to the Green Army.

Manager John Sheridan has agreed to make all the Pilgrims’ regular Thursday morning sessions at Harper’s Park public events that the club's fans can watch. 

John said: “I’m happy to invite supporters up to the training ground at Harper’s Park to watch our Thursday morning session.

“I hope it will give them an insight into the preparation that goes into matches, as well as the hard work that the players and coaches put in to trying to make this club a successful one.”

A special area of Harper’s Park will be marked off, from where fans will be able to watch the players go through their paces.

Supporters should be aware that they attend the sessions at their own risk and that Plymouth Argyle cannot be held responsible for any injuries to spectators as a result of attending the training sessions. 

Also, while the club does not condone bad language, it is almost inevitable that, in the intense environment of a training session, some choice words may slip out from time to time.