Penalty King Cole

JAKE Cole has a pretty good record of saving penalties.

That might have been the crumb of hope Argyle fans held onto on a couple of occasions as the Abbey Business Stadium on Tuesday night. 

In the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy tie at Cheltenham, Argyle were 3-1 up when Cole was asked to save a Steven Gillespie penalty. He did, but Gillespie scored with the rebound. 

After the game ultimately concluded 3-3, Cole then had the task of keeping out the Robins from 12 yards all over again. The first four times he was sent him the wrong way, but he pushed out the fifth spot kick of Terry Gornell’s. When Marvin Morgan slotted home, it meant Argyle were through. Cue celebrations and plenty of pats on the back for Cole. 

“I fancy myself on penalties whenever I’m up against them,” said Cole after the game. “I saved one in the game, it’s a just a shame the guy’s managed to get the rebound.
“I look forward to penalties, to be honest. You can be a hero. I’m just happy we got through it. Our record in penalties hasn’t been good, but it’s good to be through. It’s nice to be part of a winning team. 

“I dived to the right in the four previous, trying to plant a seed in their head that from the first penalty I’d dive right, and after the second one, I thought one would change their mind and go that side. The next couple ended up going right and it didn’t work out. So, I changed the last one and it worked.”

Jake also acknowledged the continuing battle to keep goal for Argyle that he is having with Luke McCormick this season, and had some positive words for the five Argyle players who stepped up to take penalties – all of whom were successful. 

“They did very, very well,” he said. “That’s what we need to see – the ball being smashed into the net. Even if the ’keeper’s getting a touch on it he can’t keep it out. Very nice to see that. 

“I always enjoy when I play and I just want to play well. That’s the only thing on my mind when I get an opportunity; just to play well for me and the team. 

“It’s a good standard of goalkeeper at the club. Luke’s been excellent and I’ve been pleased with myself. We work well together and get on really well. That can only be a good thing.”