The King's Speech

PRIOR to the Pilgrims’ home match against Accrington, the Argyle Angels strutted their stuff to the familiar sound of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

“A little less conversation, a little more action please,” said Elvis, as the girls did their thing. Sadly for John Sheridan, half of that message seems to be seeping in to the players in his team.

The gaffer would like, not a little less, but a lot more conversation amongst his charges.

His criticism of the players’ lack of vocal encouragement and communication on the pitch stretches to the majority of the squad, but not a man he brought back into the starting line-up after a recovery from injury.

You could call him the King of Home Park, in many ways. He is certainly by far the most experienced man in a green shirt. He is Paul Anthony Wotton.

Shez singled him out for praise for his galvanising skills on the park; skills he would like to see others develop.

“I play him because he gives us experience and he gets on people’s backs,” said John of Paul, “but he’s the only one I do hear talking. We need three or four of them on the pitch.

“Any side that’s going to go anywhere needs them. We accept a lot of things on the football pitch, and we just let them go by.

“You can hear Wottsy – he’s a talker and an organiser, and I thought he did well for his first game back.”