Brewing Up

OUR man in the North Peter Cropper with his account of Burton v Argyle...

Eric was back from his holiday and the Bob-Eric-Pete triumvirate reassembled for the expedition to Staffordshire.

After an incident free trip down from Lancashire we arrived in Burton about an hour before kick off. There was time to circumnavigate the ground. It’s neat but small. If one of Mr Abramovich’s friends were to provide the cash to build a world beating team in the home of marmite, where would they play if they were to rocket up the divisions?

The first half was forgettable from a green perspective. The Burton manager opined that it was the best they’d played at home all season. The ball was pinged around effectively, passes stuck and the Brewers moved fluently. Argyle were distinctly second best, and Jake’s presence was much appreciated. The team was booed off at half time – perhaps understandable, certainly unhelpful.

Paul Wotton’s introduction seemed to change matters, and his experience and local pride combined to take Argyle forward. Those qualities can take you a long way. Whether they will help take us to the holy grail of the playoffs is, at the time of writing (Tuesday teatime), in the balance.

I was amused by the chant which labelled Burton “northern”. Always makes me smile, that. Where does “northern” begin? Exeter? Taunton? Newton Abbot, even? To me, Burton is well on the way to being southern. It’s all relative.

I’ll be otherwise engaged on Good Friday so this was probably my last green outing of the season. I’ll be back next season – in which division?

Eric had been to Norway; now that is northern.

STOP PRESS.......Tuesday bedtime, and the dream’s back on.