For The Sake of Argument

AFTER losing 2-1 to Wimbledon, John Sheridan has called for his players to show more mental toughness on the pitch - and to even go toe-to-toe with him off it.

Not for the first time this season, the Greens were unable to hold on to an early lead, given to them by Conor Hourihane, as they succombed to goals from Kwesi Appiah and Jack Midson.

After the game, the manager revealed that the dressing room was one of silence and reflection, rather than action - something he was not happy about at all.

"We are so quiet, and I really do think that's the biggest problem we've got," said the manager.

"I wish three or four of them would have an argument with me, and show me they care. I ask them the question after the game and no-one says a word.

"I haven't got a problem with any of the players. They're a really good group of players, but I would like four or five of them to have an argument with me after the game. We are so quiet as a group.

"I like people with an opinion, and even if they're arguing with another player, I respect that, because it shows they care."

One way or another, the gaffer is searching for more aggressiveness and will-to-win from his team, revealing that if he can't get that out of the players in the squad, he's willing to bring others in to do that job.

Said John: "I think it's just mental toughness, and you've got to be strong as players."

"It is so quiet, and I need to get those four or five players, who are going to get on to the others in the squad.

"They're a good group of lads, but we're not going anywhere by just being nice."