Great Expectations

JOHN Sheridan has few illusions about what is expected of him next season – because he expects them of himself.

Following the expiry of the Pilgrims’ play-off hopes on Easter Monday, the Argyle manager is already planning for the 2014-15 campaign before the last two games of the current season, at home to Hartlepool United on Saturday and at Portsmouth the following weekend.

“We were in a very positive position three weeks ago,” said John. “Everyone was talking positive about how well I was doing. But we haven’t finished the season where we wanted, so something’s gone wrong.  I’ve got to make sure, as the manager, that I put that right.

“That’s something I’ve got to deal with next season because, if I don’t, I won’t have a job. I’ve got to improve on this season; if we finish eighth or ninth, I’ve got to be in the play-offs next season. Otherwise I don’t think I’ll be here. So I’ve got to improve on this season.

“I’m as disappointed as anyone – probably more than anyone, because I’m like that as a person – and I really thought we should have done a lot better than what we’ve done. So I’ve got to make sure we do that next season.

“I think we’ve definitely improved this season. Everything in and around the club has improved a lot and we’ll carry on doing that and make us even better next season.

“We’re all gutted; we’re all very disappointed, everyone involved with the club. Whoever supports Plymouth, whoever works for Plymouth, we all want the same, so we’ve got to rectify that next season and hit the ground running.

“I’ll take a lot of positives.  The season’s finished poorly and, whatever’s gone wrong, we need to rectify for next season. We’ve done a lot of good things this season; unfortunately, the end of it hasn’t worked out the way we wanted it to be.

“I’ll make sure we’re up there for next season, and we’re ready and prepared.”