Marvin: "I'm So Lucky"

MARVIN Morgan returned to Home Park after his recent illness saying he felt fine…and lucky.

The Argyle forward was taken to Derriford Hospital after collapsing during training on Tuesday, and has undergone a series of tests to determine the cause of a small seizure.

“I’m alright,” he said, before the Pilgrims’ final home Sky Bet League 2 match of the season. “To be honest with you, the only thing wrong with me is my tongue. I bit down on it. Everything else, I’m fine; I feel alright.”

After being taking ill early in the morning training session on the Home Park pitch, Marvin was treated by Argyle head physio Paul Atkinson and Academy physio Tom Hunter. Feeling bilious, he took to the sidelines, and remembers nothing thereafter until coming to on his way to Derriford accompanied by Paul and team-mate Neal Trotman.

He said: “When it happened, I said to Paul: ‘Paul, I feel ill – I feel sick and I’ve got a headache.’ Normally, Paul would have told me ‘Come on, just get on with it.’ But, this time, because I’d just come off the flu, he told me to go and sit down.

“That’s the last thing I remember before waking up in the ambulance, looking at Trots and Paul and thinking: ‘What am I doing here?’

“I owe everything to Paul and Tom. The machines are there to help them, but what if I’d been training at Harper’s Park, Paul had been ten minutes late, Tom was on the other bottom pitch, and we’d started that game? No-one would have known what to do.

“They didn’t have to shock me; I didn’t need resuscitation or anything like that.

“How it’s worked… I feel lucky. Knowing that I was in good hands was enough for me.”

“It makes you realise how important it is. I joke around with Paul every single day, and got to know him really well when I had my shoulder injury.

Marvin, who was 31 earlier this month, is now awaiting the results of a battery of tests.

He said: “A couple of months ago, I found I had an abnormal heartbeat. It’s fine; I was told it was nothing to worry about, so I’ve had ECG test; I had a treadmill test – basically, I had a screening of my heart – and everything’s come back fine.

“I’ve had scan on my brain, which has come out fine. I’ve now got to have an MRI scan and, if that’s all fine, I’ve just had a mini-seizure and that’s it.”

Good to have you back, big man.