Club Statement

THE directors of Plymouth Argyle Football Club Ltd...

...note the summary of the points discussed with the Leader of PCC, in the statement issued today, August 28, by the Argyle Fans Trust.

The directors acknowledge the delay in the HHP development, but feel that these minutes contain a number of misunderstandings. 

That said, they do not propose to dwell on the details, as this would not be productive at this stage.

However, the directors would like to confirm that they are working closely and enthusiastically with PCC in order to achieve satisfactory solutions relating to both the new grandstand and the balloon payment.

Discussions are well advanced. Further statements are planned by the end of October.

The directors remain confident about the prospects for the club for this year and beyond.

Tudor Evans said: “I met with the Argyle Fans Trust to explain some of the background to this issue as there has been some misunderstanding about the Council’s role. The City Council and PAFC are continuing to work closely together on the plans for Higher Home Park for the benefit not only of the club but for Plymouth as a whole.” 

The club will be making no further statement relating to these minutes.