In Style

YOU have either got or you have not got style in Sky Bet League 2, but you have got to be prepared to deal with whatever approach your opponents throw at you.

Within the space of four days earlier this week, Argyle were faced with Stevenage, a team for which the term ‘uncompromising’ could well be inscribed on the club crest, after previously having to deal with Exeter City’s more delicate interpretation of the Beautiful Game.

On Saturday, they visit Bury, who are likely to be more at the Exeter end of the pleasing-to-the-eye spectrum, with both sides eager to keep surprise divisional leaders Morecambe in their sights.

“Bury are one of the favourites to get out of the division,” said Argyle manager John Sheridan, “so it will be a really tough. We go there after two hard games and expect another one, but it is a game which will try to win.

“They are a good passing team, probably one of the best in the division, but, on our day, we know we can pass [the ball], as well. I try to give the players the belief they can win every game. Hopefully, we can go there and perform on that day; if we do that, we are capable of winning the game.

“Every team in this division is a test. Probably everyone thought that, the way we played against Exeter, Stevenage was a banker three points, but it doesn’t work like that.

“I knew Exeter was going to be a football match; they let you play and rely on their ability; on the day, we proved we were the better team. The game on Tuesday was totally different and I think we got caught up in it. We didn’t play well, but it was a stop-start game. When you come up against a team who are going to be a bit direct, strong, more physical, and in your face and make life difficult for you, you have got to work hard.

“We have got to do the things we want to do, to try to move the ball quickly and to play at a good tempo in the opposition’s half. I don’t think we did that. You have got to brave when you come up against teams sometimes and I don’t think we really got going.

“On paper, you can look at what’s going to be tough or easy. Look at Morecambe, who were one of the so-called favourites to go down.”

Whatever style is employed, John has consistently said the he believes all his contemporaries will be aiming for the same result.

“Every manager will be trying to get consistency out of his team – that’s what gets you out of the division,” he said. “The most consistent team will be the team that gets out of this league. Sometimes it’s not the best team on the day – we did it ourselves last year; we went to Fleetwood [and won] 4-0 and were unbelievable, but lost other games.

“It’s just getting that bit of consistency from your players and your teams. The teams that show it the most will be the teams that are up there at the end of the season.”