There's A Circus In The Town

ON the eve of the new Sky Bet League football circus, Argyle’s players came face to face with a man whose ball skills would pose a problem for any defence in League 2.

Juggling genius Zhora Oganisyan popped into Home Park to show off the unique talents which have earned him the world record of flicking a football from one foot to the other 38 times…while, at the same time,  juggling three other balls AND precariously balancing on a fourth, oversize, rolling ball.

Zhora is a performer with the Moscow State Circus, the greatest and most famous circus in the world which has come to Plymouth’s Central Park for the first time in six years.

The show also features:
Superstar Clown Val Defun;
The award-winning Flying Trapeze of Alievs White Birds;
The unbelievable roller-skating of the Veslovskis;
The unique Yakovlev vertical pole jugglers.
The hand-balancing of Vladislav Khostik;
The Kozak whip-crackers; and
The revolving Russian Swing.

The Moscow State Circus is at Central Park until August 18. Further information and tickets are available from the Ticket Office: 020 3375 3970.