A Curt Message

AFTER tending to Curtis Nelson on the pitch and seeing him off to a nearby hospital, Argyle physiotherapist Paul Atkinson gave an update on the Pilgrims captain's injured arm.

The 21-year-old captain of the Pilgrims dislocated his left elbow towards the end of his team’s 3-2 victory against Northampton Town, and had it relocated on the Sixfields pitch before being taken to a hospital for further examination.

“All being well, there are no fractures and it will not keep him out too long”, said Atkinson.

“It depends on how much damage there is to it. I would not like to say at this stage (how long he will be out).

“He was in a lot of pain, but the Entonox (a form of Nitrous Oxide, or ‘laughing gas’) took the pain away, and that was why we were able to relocate the elbow.

“He thinks he sort of landed on it, throwing himself in front of something.

“He has gone off to the hospital in an ambulance, and he is going to get an x-ray there. We will assess the damage further after that.

“It depends on the ligaments, and all the structures that hold the elbow in place. It depends how badly that is damaged.”