Double Tops

ARGYLE striker Lewis Alessandra believes that his double act with Reuben Reid is working very well.

With the pair grabbing 17 goals between themselves this season, Lewi feels that he and Reuben complement each other as both aim to carry on their goal scoring this Saturday when the Pilgrims travel to Northampton Town. 

Lewi said: “I enjoy playing with [Reuben] a lot. I feel like on his day he can be the best striker in the league.

“The way everybody knows about him kind of lends itself to helping me out at times, as he can have two or three men on him at times and then it frees up space for me.

“He likes to play as central as possible and I like to do my fair share of the running around like a mad man, so I think it works quite well.”

Lewis and Reuben will have to continue their partnership as Pilgrims’ manager John Sheridan has got a bit of an injury crisis on his hands when it comes to strikers. 

With Marvin Morgan being ruled out recently, this week saw a season-ending injury for summer signing Deane Smalley, who damaged his right knee ligaments and cartilage in a training-ground accident. 

Lewis and Deane go long back, with Sheridan giving the pair their Oldham Athletic debuts in 2007. 

Lewi said: “He’s a good friend of mine; he has been for years. I hope he’ll be able to bounce back strong and keep his head mentally there. I sympathise with him massively. I wish him a speedy recovery.”

The next time the two long-time friends link up could be in the physio’s room. 

 “I’m struggling with something myself in my knee,” said Lewi. “It’s not going to get any worse, but I know that I’ll need rest for a couple of weeks to get it right.

“When I’m playing, I’ll pass and I’ll think that it’s sore for a minute, and then I’m alright again. Hopefully it’ll just go away on its own.”