Football Remembers

This weekend sees the start of ‘Football Remembers Week’.

Between December 5-15, a series of events are being organised by the Premier League, The FA and the Football League to commemorate one of the most iconic moments of the First World War - the 1914 Christmas Truce football matches.

The first Football Remembers Week activity of is called ‘A Moment in History’. To celebrate the spirit of the Christmas Truce football matches of 1914, football teams across the country are being asked to have a pre-match group photograph taken together and upload them via social media with the hashtag #FootballRemembers.

All 22 players and the match officials who are part of Saturday's match will have their picture taken together prior to kick-off. You will be able to see the photo at the website

If you are playing or involved in a football match over the next week and want to create your own ‘Moment in History’ then go to the Football Remembers site for more details.