Where We Stand

JOHN Sheridan has said that he would not stand in Tyler Harvey's - or any player's - way if they want to progress their career away from Home Park.

Tyler recently spent some time training with Nottingham Forest, as the Sky Bet Championship side looked to run the rule over the 19-year-old prospect.

Sheridan said: “Forest got in touch with me. I feel that Tyler isn’t getting much football here and for a Championship club to come in and have a look at him for the week, I wouldn’t stand in his way. I wouldn’t stand in any player’s way.

“I don’t think there was any harm. I haven’t heard anything back from Forest, but it’s an experience for him and it’s an opportunity for him.”

The 19-year-old started his career at Argyle at the tender age of nine, and with 10 years of service to the Greens, Tyler has adapted to a new role under John Sheridan, as a forward-thinking, attack-minded midfielder.

The Argyle manager said: “If you look at him, you can say he can play central midfield.

“He’s an attack-mined midfielder in my eyes, that’s where he wants to play.

“So, it’s just the case of putting him in an area of where it would suit him.

“Would he get in front of Lewi? The answer is no. Would he get in front of Reuben? No. Jason Banton is possibly ahead of him. Marvin Morgan possibly ahead of him.”

“I haven’t got any favourites; I think all the players will tell you. I treat them all the same way.

“We’re all on the same wavelength, and my job as a manager is to pick a side that will win me the next game."