Teaching Tyler

TEENAGE striker Tyler Harvey is back at Home Park, but will find himself back on the road if Argyle manager John Sheridan thinks it would enhance his career prospects.

The 18-year-old has finished his loan spell at Conference side Salisbury City with John eager to continue to mastermind his young Plymothian’s development,

“If I was going to let him out on loan, he’d go where he is going to play football,” said John. “The important thing is that he is learning his trade, and I’d rather him be with us, and working hard with us, than to go somewhere and not play.

“If something arises, I’d think about. I’d only ever do something to enhance his chances of getting in the first-team here or make him a better player. I am not going to loan him out here, there and everywhere.

“The lad’s got natural talent, but he’s still learning the game. It won’t have done him any harm to go to Salisbury, to have seen something different, other than Plymouth.”

John’s desire to see Tyler progress is in calm contrasts to some of the furious endorsements that followed the youngster’s dramatic full debut a year ago, when he netted a late equaliser to secure a 1-1 home draw with Torquay United.

“I think people got carried away a little bit,” said John. “He’s a good kid, a level-headed kid, and I want him to do well, so it is important I take care of him.

“I know he’d love to be playing more football but it is important he is not getting carried away with what everyone else is saying, because he has got a lot to learn and, if he listens, he will be okay.”