On The Social

THE media was once defined by Malcolm X as “the most powerful entity on earth.”

In recent years, a new variation – social media – has exploded, giving rise to a huge variety of platforms that we can all use to share and discuss our thoughts and expressions. This power has increased and will continue to increase, with Argyle’s 22,000-strong Twitter following being a key example of this presence. 

Twitter is a social networking giant which, uniquely, allows fans to interact and follow their favourite players and to feel part of the club. Supporters have the opportunity to immerse themselves into players’ lives and experience social media on a whole new level. At its heart, it is a positive and enriching development.

But social media platforms like Twitter can be a double-edged sword as players themselves can interact with the public, and can see both positive and negative comments about them. If the latter, players could react to these comments sometimes generating unnecessary friction and a negative atmosphere.

New summer signing Lee Cox has his own take on this powerful entity: “Any player that gets fazed by what’s going on social media should not be a footballer because it could affect you in a way that could result in you underperforming, and personally they shouldn’t be on the pitch.”

The 24-year-old midfielder, who signed a two-year contract at Home Park after leaving Swindon Town, added: “It is just about taking care of yourself, preparing right for the games and doing well; if you do that you will go places. But if you are too worried about the surroundings and the media pressure then you won’t make the grade.”