Pre-season - Day One Gallery

ARGYLE's players reported back for pre-season training on Wednesday, and were straight into action.

Regrouping at the University of St Mark and St John's Centre of Sporting Excellence, the players underwent a series of tests to ascertain the level of fitness they have retained over the close season.

Performance Manager John Harbin oversaw the session, and said: "Days one, two and three are a little of bit of testing, a little bit of football. Day four, we'll start hitting them up. Next week will be a tough week.

"They've all come back in reasonable shape. Times have changed since the old days where players just let themselves go. I think there are two or three that in better shape then when they finished the season. You always get one or two that you can tell have done a lot in the off-season and it stands out in the first three or four days.

"I've had a good chat to (the new boys) individually this week. They all seem very nice blokes.. They seem like they have an edge to them. They seem the kind of player we want."