Premier League 4 Sport

ARGYLE Community Trust’s Premier League 4 Sport programme launched in September 2013 and has since gone from strength to strength.

The trust has been busy delivering 'Sports Satellites' all over Plymouth, for young people aged 12-19. The trust have five sports under the Premier League 4 Sport Programme, namely: athletics, boxing, hockey, netball, and girls football.

The success of the PL4Sport programme has been evident in the number of people who have engaged with the project and the number of success stories as a result. Over 630 participants engaging in at least 1 session, with over 400 of these completing five or more sessions, and 300+ enjoying 10 or more sessions.
There have been over 30 volunteers working as part of the project; some have gone on to gain qualifications and even gone on to work as both volunteers for the trust and even paid employment, completing the progression from participant, to volunteer, to employee. This shows the power of the PL4Sport project and what it can do for young people involved.

Participants have also had the chance to take part in one or more of our competitions over the five sports, and have shown their ability to be able to compete against other similar counterparts.

As the Argyle Community Trust’s PL4Sport Project has been so successful we are adding two more sports to our ever-growing repertoire; badminton and table tennis.  The two new sports will sit alongside our five existing sports to create even more opportunities for young people to engage with a new sport.

For more information on our PL4Sport Programme or information on our satellites please visit

Alternatively email or call 01752 562561 ext 4.