Souey Joy

ARGYLE chief coach Chris Souness was naturally delighted after watching his young side record their third consecutive victory in the prestigious Dale Farm Milk Cup.

A 6-2 win against Sydney United followed victories against North Dublin and the Japan FA to give Argyle's young Pilgrims a 100% record and a place in the semi-finals of the tournament.

"We are incredibly pleased with today's result and the outcome of it - making it through to the top four is a great achievement for the club." said Souness.

"We've worked incredibly hard in preparation - which has been first class - for the tournament and the outcome is a product of the excellent coaching and preparing well. We've tried to do as best as we possibly can in every game and with that in mind everything so far has gone well.

"We knew that we would be in a tough competition and facing quality opposition and we were aware that we would evolve in to the tournament. The basics were in place but we have added to them game by game.

"The hard work, commitment and camaraderie has always been there but we have increased little things along the way to make sure we have reached where we are now. But the biggest test is yet to come in the next two games.

"The lads are now at a place where they have to really recuperate and we have to make sure that we treat them right and make sure that their injuries are sorted and that their minds are in the right place because it is a really tough tournament and we are going to be playing the best of the remainder so we need to be right."

Argyle will face Corinthians of Brazil in the semi final at 7pm on Thursday night.