The Bumper Summer Quiz - Answers

CONGRATULATIONS to Stuart Rodda who is the winner of our Bumper Summer Quiz.

Stuart was one of three people who answered who scored full marks for the quiz - described as the toughest yet by more than one of our entrants - and was drawn randomly from a hat containing the names of all the top scorers.

We had a record number of entrants this year, with the standard extremely high. Thank you to everyone that participated - we hope you enjoyed it.

Stuart will become the proud owner of the famed 'Box of Stuff', pictured above, which he will no doubt treasure for ever.

Below are the answers, so you can work out how you got on...

Round 1 - Pre Season
1) Who joined Argyle as performance manager in June 2013? John Harbin
2) Who rejoined Argyle within two weeks of the 2012-13 season’s conclusion? Luke McCormick
3) What nationality was trialist Tuomas Rannankari? Finnish
4) Paris Cowan-Hall left the Pilgrims to join which fellow League 2 club? Wycombe Wanderers
5) Who scored Argyle’s goal in a 1-1 draw in Argyle’s first pre-season friendly at Home Park? Ryan Lane
6) And who was wearing 21 for Argyle’s opponent’s that day? Jason Banton
7) Who were the only team to beat Argyle in pre-season? Yeovil Town
8) Which player suffered a knee injury in July that ruled him out of the entire season? Matt Lecointe
9) Who scored the Pilgrims’ winner against Tiverton Town, then left Argyle to become the player-assistant manager of Salisbury Town? Warren Feeney
10) Which 21-year-old, having left Scottish champions Celtic, signed for Argyle on a short term deal in July? Andre Blackman

Round Two - Firsts
1) Who made his first – and last – appearance of the season in the opening game? Jamie Richards
2) Who scored Argyle’s first goal of the Sky Bet League 2 season? Marvin Morgan
3) Against which team did Argyle keep their first clean sheet on the road? Mansfield Town
4) Who was the first player to score in consecutive games? Reuben Reid – Rochdale (h), Morecambe (a)
5) Who was the first player to score more than one goal in a league game? Reuben Reid – two v Oxford (a)
6) Name the two players that scored on their first ever starts for Argyle. Hamza Bencherif, Caolan Lavery
7) Which club was the first that Argyle completed a ‘double’ against, i.e. beating them both home and away? Northampton Town
8) Who was the first Argyle player to be sent off in all competitions? Curtis Nelson v Cheltenham
9) When was the first time Argyle drew two games in a row? NOv 9/16 – Lincoln(a), York (a), both 1-1 draw
10) Which two players scored their first ever Argyle goals in 1-1 draws during the season? Tope Obadeyi, York (a); Dominic Blizzard, Southend (h)

Round Three - Former Pilgrims
1) Name the former Argyle player that scored in the Scottish Cup final on Saturday, May 17. Steve MacLean
2) And which ex-Pilgrim scored in the FA Cup final at Wembley? James Chester
3) Which former Pilgrims manager won the Manager of the Month award for the Premier League in April? Tony Pulis
4) Which former Argyle striker became the first Englishman to score a hat-trick in the MLS? Bradley Wright-Phillips
5) Name the former Argyle player who was in the England under-21 squad for the Toulon Tournament? Ben Gibson
6) And name the four former Pilgrims to feature in the latest England under 19s squad. Christian Walton, Lloyd Jones, Sam Gallagher, Cameron Dawson
7) Which former Pilgrim became manager of Linfield? Warren Feeney
8) Which pair of former Pilgrims signed for Crawley within days of each other early in 2014, but were both released at the end of the season? Paul Connolly and Rory Fallon
9) Which former Argyle player was awarded the PFA Player in the Community Award for 2014? Reda Johnson
10) Which ex-Pilgrim set a record in his national league by scoring seven goals in an 8-2 victory in March? Rhys Griffiths

Round Four - The Name Game
1) Who called for a pipe, a bowl and three fiddlers in a nursery rhyme? Old King Cole
2) Which football club did Yeading FC merge with in 2007? Hayes
3) Which British motor manufacturer has produced models called the Plus 4 and the Aero? Morgan
4) Who is featured on a column in Traflagar Square?  Horatio Nelson
5) Which actress played the characters Cathy Gale and Pussy Galore? Honor Blackman
6) Who hosted Sale of the Century from 1971-1983 and has presented Just a Minute on Radio Four since 1967? Nicholas Parsons
7) Who scored the winning goal for Arsenal against Liverpool to clinch the Division One title in 1988-89? Michael Thomas
8) What is the surname of brothers Charlie and Craig, who comprise the band ‘The Proclaimers’? Reid
9) Which song by the American band Fun, and featuring Janelle Morae, was the third highest selling single in the UK in 2012? We Are Young
10) Who is the head female judge on BBC TV’s Great British Bake-off? Mary Berry

Round Five - Shez Sez

1) “He’s a talker and an organiser. He’s the only one I do hear talking. We need three or four of them on the pitch.”
Paul Wotton

2) “He’s a very strong runner; a confident lad, not overconfident; he does the right things and listens. He’s got his feet firmly on the ground.”
Ben Purrington

3) “You could see his natural finishing in the first goal. It’s probably only him that would have scored that. He’s anticipated where the ball might go and that’s why he’s got his goal. It’s a great finish.”
Caolan Lavery

4) “The first goal was a wonder goal, wasn’t it? But I know he can do that. I hope he can score a few goals for us this season, because I know he’s got it in his locker.

“I’ve never seen him score a goal like that, though. I don’t think I’ve seen many players score one like the first one since I’ve been in football.”
Lewis Alessandra

5) “I just think he’s got something. He’s got pace ... I am pleased to get him. He will give us something a little bit different.”
Tope Obadeyi

6) “He’s attack-minded – I wouldn’t have him sitting and holding – and he’ll get in areas and be clever in and around the penalty-box. He’d push on and get forward. He can pass the ball a lot better than he thinks he can and takes care of it – he’s got a great touch.”
Tyler Harvey

7) “He’s got a really good attitude, he’s very mentally strong, and I think he’s got good leadership qualities”
Curtis Nelson

8) “I’ve stood by him and played him in nearly every game, and he’s getting his rewards for his hard work.”
Reuben Reid

9) “(His) performance today is one of the best I’ve seen under my management in the last three or four years.
“I thought he was unbelievable. His all-round game was top-drawer: his passing, running, picking things up, driving into the box, running off the ball.”
Conor Hourihane

10) “I think he can play anywhere. He can play left, right or down the middle.
“He can not be in a game, but just show him that little glimpse and he can do something out of the ordinary. They are the players you need when the game is not going your way.”
Jason Banton

Round Six - Argyle Around The World

1) "Greetings on behalf of King Phillipe, from the country that gave you the Saxophone, Bakelite and TinTin."
Belgium – Emile Mpenza

2) "We have the most northerly capital city in the world, but we were never called Bejams."
Iceland – Kari Arnason, Bjarni Gudjonsson

3) "Our volcanic island is one of the lesser Antilles. We have a population of around 174,000, and our capital city is called Castries."
St Lucia - Earl Jean

4) "Our beautiful country features Lake Balaton, the largest lake in central Europe. The Carpathian Mountains and the River Danube all feature in our country’s geography."
Hungary – Peter Halmosi, Akos Buzsaky, Krisztian Timar

5) "With a capital city called Moroni, we are a nation comprised of three major islands and several minor ones, located between Mozambique and Madagascar."
Comoros – Jimmy Adbou

6) "We have the longest coastline in the world in our English-speaking nation – although French is an official language, too."
Canada – Jason Bent, Carlo Corazzin, George Forrest

7) "Formerly called Rhodesia, we are a test-playing cricket nation sharing borders with South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia."
Zimbabwe – Onismor Bhasera, Bruce Grobbelaar

8) "Our island nation is the birth place of Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Sam Neill, Ernest Shackleton and Sir Edmund Hillary."
New Zealand – Rory Fallon, Tony Levy

9) "Most of our population live on the Gulf of Guinea – many in our large city of Cotonou or our capital, Porto Novo."
Benin – Reda Johnson, Rommy Boco

10) "We are the most populous nation in Africa, and the current holders of the Africa Cup of Nations."
Nigeria – Taribo West, Enoch Showunmi

Round Seven - Ten Years Ago
1) Who scored Argyle’s first goal of the 2003-04 campaign? Marino Keith
2) And who scored the last? David Norris
3) Who was the only team to defeat Argyle twice in the league? Bristol City
4) Who were the only team Argyle beat in a cup competition? Bristol City
5) Who scored Argyle’s 5000th league goal? Paul Wotton
6) Name the only player to play for Argyle on loan that season. Peter Gilbert
7) At which ground did Kevin Summerfield take charge of Argyle for the first time that season as caretaker boss? Meadow Lane
8) Who was named Division 2 player of the season? Graham Coughlan
9) But who was named Argyle player of the season? Michael Evans
10) Name the Argyle goalscorers who made double figures in all competitions.  Friio 15, Evans 13, Keith 10, Lowndes 10

Round Eight - League 2 in 2013-14
1) In 2013-14, who was League 2's top goalscorer?  Sam Winnall
2) How many of the above player’s goals came against Argyle? None
3) Which team had the highest average home attendance? Portsmouth
4) How many points did Argyle earn against teams that had been promoted the previous season? Eight – we won away at Mansfield and Newport, drawing with each at home
5) Who was the first manager to lose his job during the season? Kevin Blackwell, Bury
6) Which one club scored the first and last goal in the 2013-14 League 2 season? Fleetwood
7) Which 2013-14 League 2 team were sponsored by the Football Manager computer game? AFC Wimbledon
8) Which 2013-14 League 2 team played their home fixtures at the Proact Stadium? Chesterfield
9) Of the bottom five in the table at the end of the season, which was the most northerly? Northampton
10) Which team attained the highest winning margin in a single game? Argyle! 5-0 against Morecambe

Round Nine - Name the Scorers

Round Ten - Photo Round
1) Ryan Dickson
2) Dave Smith
3) Luke McCormick
4) Max Blanchard
5) Caolan Lavery
6) Tope Obadeyi
7) Matt Parsons
8) Chesterfield
9) Paul Connolly
10) Nigel Martyn