Flip Flop and Fly

GET ready to put your best foot forward as we at Argyle support our good friends at Plymouth University in promoting Gandys International Flip-flop Day.

Argyle have a rich history within footwear having had the likes of Chris Clark(s), Enoch Shoe-unmi and even recent addition Carl McShoe among the ranks.

New Argyle signing Peter Hartley (above) showed his support on arrival at Home Park, while the Argyle Angels swapped their dancing shoes for some fetching green flip-flops during rehearsals this week.

The Gandys foundation are giving you the opportunity to win a pair of their flip-flops by entering a Twitter competition. All you have to do is Tweet a picture of yourself, swapping your football boots for a pair of summer shoes using the handle @plymuni.

Plymouth University and Gandys would like to see the best flip-flop location, the best accessorised flip-flop and the most imaginative flip-flop tweet.

The idea behind the day is to raise awareness for the Gandys Foundation which was set by by two brothers who lost both their parents in the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004.

They, with the help of Plymouth University graduate Dominic List, have been designing, producing and selling a wide range of flip-flops, with 10% of the profits going to the support of children in need - including food, shelter and clothing.

This year signals the second International Flip-flop Day with last year attracting a huge amount of support.

With 2014 marking the 10th anniversary of the Boxing Day disaster, Paul and Rob Forkan, along with everyone involved with the Gandys Foundation, are looking to raise yet more awareness with the hope to build their first children’s home in Goa in the recent future.

The winners of the competitions, which will be chosen by Gandys flip-flops and Plymouth University, will be notified on Twitter.

So come on, lets see you put your heart and sole into this competition.