Just Like Watching

BRAZIL to win and England to possibly surprise a few...

...that is Argyle manager John Sheridan’s World Cup prediction.

John’s World Cup experience of the intense heat of Florida in 1994, when he played in all four of the Republic of Ireland’s games, makes him sympathetic to the climatic conditions awaiting the 32 nations in Brazil for this year’s resumption, and he thinks home continent advantage will be crucial.

He said: “I think it will be a good World Cup – it’s always exciting and there’ll be some good games – but I don’t look any further than Brazil. They’ll be strong and the crowds will be passionate.

“With the weather, the South American teams are best situated to perform.  You can prepare, like England have, but it is difficult, especially when you come up against the South American teams who are used to the conditions.”

However, John is not totally ruling out the chances of Roy Hodgson’s men to make an impact.

“If England can get through their group, I think they may surprise some people,” he said, “but they are in a tough group. 

“I just hope it’s a good World Cup.”