The Bumper Argyle Summer Quiz - Part Four

IT is the penultimate day of the Bumper Argyle Summer Quiz - rounds seven and eight await you in your quest to win our notorious Box of Stuff.

Yes, that glorious amalgam of a myriad items Argyle can be yours - all you have to do is beat the rest of the Green Army at our fiendish quiz.

Need to catch up on previous rounds? You can find rounds one and two here, rounds three and four here, and rounds five and six here.

Today, we tackle rounds seven and eight, which involve a whizz back ten years in the time machine, and a journey around League 2 last term.

Please do not send sets of answers daily; we will only accept complete answers from Saturday onwards. Closing date for entry is 5pm on Friday, July 4, 2014. The winner will be the entrant with the most correct answers. In the event of a tie, one of the highest scorers will be selected at random as overall winner.

Round Seven -Ten Years Ago...
Last year was the tenth anniversary of the 2003-04 Division Two Championship-winning season. How well can you remember that fantastic season?

1) Who scored Argyle’s first goal of the 2003-04 campaign?
2) And who scored the last?
3) Who were the only team to defeat Argyle twice in the league?
4) Who were the only team Argyle beat in a cup competition?
5) Who scored Argyle’s 5000th league goal?
6) Name the only player to play for Argyle on loan that season.
7) At which ground did Kevin Summerfield take charge of Argyle for the first time that season as caretaker boss?
8) Who was named Division 2 player of the season?
9) But who was named Argyle player of the season?
10) Name the Argyle goalscorers who made double figures in all competitions. 

Round Eight- League Two in 2013-14
How well were you paying attention to what happened in Sky Bet League 2 during last season?

1) In 2013-14, who was League 2's top goalscorer?
2) How many goals did the above player score against Argyle?
3) Which team had the highest average home attendance?
4) How many points did Argyle earn against teams that had been promoted the previous season?
5) Who was the first manager to lose his job during the season?
6) Which one club scored the first and last goal in the 2013-14 League 2 season?
7) Which 2013-14 League 2 team were sponsored by the Football Manager computer game?
8) Which 2013-14 League 2 team played their home fixtures at the Proact Stadium?
9) Of the bottom five in the table at the end of the season, which was the most northerly?
10) Which team attained the highest winning margin in a single game?