The Bumper Argyle Summer Quiz - Part Three

IT'S here! Day three of the Bumper Argyle Summer Quiz - and today things get a little trickier.

We will test your geography skills and see how much attention you were paying when John Sheridan spoke during the 2013-14 season as we offer you rounds five and six.

If you have missed the quiz so far, you can catch up on rounds one and two here, and rounds three and four here.

You are, of course, competing to win the famed Box of Stuff, pictured above. In it are things to look at, things to wear, things to play, things to marvel at, things to cherish...and one or two things that will make you say 'Why on earth have they given us that?'

Please do not send sets of answers daily; we will only accept complete answers from Saturday onwards. Closing date for entry is 5pm on Friday, July 4, 2014. The winner will be the entrant with the most correct answers. In the event of a tie, one of the highest scorers will be selected at random as overall winner.

Round Five - Shez Sez
Below are ten statements made by John Sheridan during the 2013-14 campaign, about players that represented the Pilgrims during the season. Please name the player he was talking about. All statements were published on

1) “He’s a talker and an organiser. He’s the only one I do hear talking. We need three or four of them on the pitch.”

2) “He’s a very strong runner; a confident lad, not overconfident; he does the right things and listens. He’s got his feet firmly on the ground.”

3) “You could see his natural finishing in the first goal. It’s probably only him that would have scored that. He’s anticipated where the ball might go and that’s why he’s got his goal. It’s a great finish.”

4) “The first goal was a wonder goal, wasn’t it? But I know he can do that. I hope he can score a few goals for us this season, because I know he’s got it in his locker.

“I’ve never seen him score a goal like that, though. I don’t think I’ve seen many players score one like the first one since I’ve been in football.”

5) “I just think he’s got something. He’s got pace ... I am pleased to get him. He will give us something a little bit different.”

6) “He’s attack-minded – I wouldn’t have him sitting and holding – and he’ll get in areas and be clever in and around the penalty-box. He’d push on and get forward. He can pass the ball a lot better than he thinks he can and takes care of it – he’s got a great touch.”

7) “He’s got a really good attitude, he’s very mentally strong, and I think he’s got good leadership qualities”

8) “I’ve stood by him and played him in nearly every game, and he’s getting his rewards for his hard work.”

9) “(His) performance today is one of the best I’ve seen under my management in the last three or four years.

“I thought he was unbelievable. His all-round game was top-drawer: his passing, running, picking things up, driving into the box, running off the ball.”

10) “I think he can play anywhere. He can play left, right or down the middle.

“He can not be in a game, but just show him that little glimpse and he can do something out of the ordinary. They are the players you need when the game is not going your way.”

Round six - Argyle Around the World
We received ten postcards from countries that were proud to have Argyle connections. We would like you to name each country, and then give us a current or former Argyle player that was born in said country or played for them at full international level.

1) "Greetings on behalf of King Phillipe, from the country that gave you the Saxophone, Bakelite and TinTin."

2) "We have the most northerly capital city in the world, but we were never called Bejams."

3) "Our volcanic island is one of the lesser Antilles. We have a population of around 174,000, and our capital city is called Castries."

4) "Our beautiful country features Lake Balaton, the largest lake in central Europe. The Carpathian Mountains and the River Danube all feature in our country’s geography."

5) "With a capital city called Moroni, we are a nation comprised of three major islands and several minor ones, located between Mozambique and Madagascar."

6) "We have the longest coastline in the world in our English-speaking nation – although French is an official language, too."

7) "Formerly called Rhodesia, we are a test-playing cricket nation sharing borders with South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia."

8) "Our island nation is the birth place of Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Sam Neill, Ernest Shackleton and Sir Edmund Hillary."

9) "Most of our population live on the Gulf of Guinea – many in our large city of Cotonou or our capital, Porto Novo."

10) "We are the most populous nation in Africa, and the current holders of the Africa Cup of Nations."