Following the Leader

CONOR Hourihane has visibly grown since being handed the captain’s armband.

Named captain by Carl Fletcher after the departure of Simon Walton, 23-year-old Conor has developed added dimensions to his game and personality since becoming the skipper, despite his tender age.

For the last three games, he has had a former captain – and a living Argyle legend – alongside him, to share a little of the duties.

Paul Anthony Wotton, a man of 36 summers and nearly 500 games, has been a revelation since being called back up to the Argyle first team. He was recalled by manager John Sheridan after Argyle slumped to a 4-0 home defeat by York City, and since then the Greens have recorded three wins in three.

It would be easy for Conor to be overawed in the presence of an uber-Pilgrim such at Wottsie, but the young Corkman has taken it in his stride, and continues to prove himself an excellent leader of the team.

That said, he acknowledge’s Paul’s presence by his side, and welcomes the chance to work with, and learn from, the veteran.

“Wottsy’s a good lad,” said Conor in an interview with Argyle Player. “He’s been here for about two-and-a-half of the three years that I’ve been here. I’m used to playing with him day-in, day out.

“He’s a very good lad to have around the changing room, and he’s obviously very experienced. It’s good to have a person like that behind me and Luke – we are still learning our trade.

“If he wants us to run forward, he will get us forward. And if he wants us to stay back, I can assure you that he will make us stay back!

“Wotts is a fantastic pro, and it is good to have him in the team, especially when you are flying high because he keeps everyone’s feet firmly planted on the ground.

“He guides me. Through games and off the pitch as well. I’ve been a young captain for a few years now; I know I’m not getting any younger. But I think it has grown me up quicker than a lot of other lads.

“I’m 23, and trying to be as mature as I can for the other lads. It helps having Paul there. Paul has fantastic experience.

“There are people in this team and around the coaching staff that have really helped me along the way.

“And having the gaffer there as well; he’s a centre mid like myself, and has been a great manager for developing my game. Hopefully it will stand me in good stead for years to come.”

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