Statement from the Board

Wednesday, March 5

We, the board at PAFC, have been concerned by some of the fan reaction, and also certain online forum/media speculation related to recent events at Argyle.

We would like to reassure our supporters that the club’s finances are not under threat.

We also wish to point out that Plymouth Argyle is run separately from the other companies under the control of Chairman James Brent, with its own board of directors and funding.

The current financial restructuring programme within the Akkeron Hotels Group is entirely irrelevant in the context of PAFC.

Our aim is, as it has been from day one, to have a united fan-base seeking the very best outcomes for the football club, as it sets out to recover from the appalling damage it has suffered over recent years.

We are united by a strong and simple focus; that of single-mindedly supporting John Sheridan and our team as they seek to continue the fantastic form of recent weeks in every way we can.

Indeed, we have added to the playing squad over the last two months, in preparation for the critical last quarter of the season.

We are looking forward to the run-in enormously, and we are sure that exactly the same is the case for the vast majority of Argyle supporters.