Free Video: Martyn Starnes' End of Season Update

ARGYLE Chief Executive Martyn Starnes has spoken to about his plans and goals for Argyle’s future.

In a sit-down video interview available on Argyle Player and at the foot of this page, Martyn addressed some of the key issues surrounding the club and its ambitions going forward.

Below are some highlights of what Martyn had to say:

Martyn on his first season
"I’ve enjoyed it immensely. I think it’s pretty well lived up to expectations. I wanted to come to a club that really had some potential – I know that’s the horrible P word – and the ability to grow, which I think Argyle has.

"I’m not underestimating the task – we’ve got a lot more work to do – but I’m up for it and I think all the staff are up for it. We’re looking forward to a bright future."

The Budget
"We’ve made good progress this year. Our budget for next year is going to show further improvement."

The Grandstand
"The important thing is that we need this new grandstand up for us to make serious inroads into the aim of being financially sustainable. I’m hoping that the grandstand will start work in the very near future.

"It has been frustrating for everybody, not least our development partners, Akkeron, but there is work ongoing in the background to try to get to a stage where we can start work.

"I haven’t got a date yet – I wish I did have – but rest assured there is a lot of working going on behind the scenes to make sure we have got the work going as soon as possible."

Next Season
"We’ve made progress on the pitch this season. Going from being in the bottom four, for the fifth year running, last year, to being in tenth place is progress by any measure.

"We’re disappointed we didn’t finish higher and have a go at the play-offs, but next season that has got to be our minimum target. We would harbour ambitions to be automatic promotion hopefuls, but expectations are one thing, achievements are another."

The Fans
"The PASB is not going to continue next season; that’s a consensus agreement between the club and the various representatives on the PASB. Next season our plan is to have three open fan forums during the course of the season; probably one at the beginning, one midway through and one at the end.

"I will continue to visit and meet the different supporters groups and engage with them that way. That is not say there won’t be opportunities to engage with us in between."