Home Park Alcohol Provision Notice

Dear Supporter,

The club has recently been in discussion with Plymouth City Council and Devon & Cornwall Constabulary regarding the provision of alcohol at Home Park.

For many years, we have allowed our supporters and sponsors to watch matches, while enjoying a drink, from the comfort of our Executive Boxes, the Chisholm Lounge, and the Tribute Legends Lounge, and for the bars in these areas to remain open during games.

It has recently been brought to our attention by the Police that our interpretation – and that of PCC – of the regulations regarding what is and is not permissible at football matches has been incorrect and we have been operating contrary to sections 2(1)(a) and 8 of the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol, etc.) Act 1985. Consequently, we have had to take immediate action to ensure that we are no longer conducting any illegal activity at Home Park.

Accordingly, the following actions will be implemented with immediate effect:

•    The bars in the Tribute Legends Lounge, Players’ Lounge and Chisholm Lounge will close 15 minutes prior to kick-off and will not open until 15 minutes after the final whistle. However, they will re-open for the 15-minute half-time period;

•    As it is illegal for guests to consume alcohol whilst viewing the match, anyone wishing to drink while the game is in progress must relocate to a designated area in the Tribute Legends Lounge, Players’ Lounge or Chisholm Lounge which is not in view of the pitch;

•    Alcohol will not be permitted in an Executive Box during the game, apart from the 15-minute half-time break. Staff will monitor these areas to ensure observance of the regulations.

We request your co-operation in this matter, and will be happy to answer any queries that you may have.