Marv's Place

MARVIN Morgan is going nowhere.

The 31-year-old forward booked the Pilgrims’ place in the second round of the FA Cup with the second goal in Argyle’s 2-0 hard-fought home victory over AFC Fylde, of the Northern Conference, after Peter Hartley had netted the opener.

The goal came on a rare start for Marvin, who has had to play second fiddle to Reuben Reid and Lewi Alessandra for most of the season, but he is realistic about his place in the Home Park pecking order and is happy to compete for a place with the pair and with fellow forward Deane Smalley, who missed the cup-tie with a neck injury.

“Personally, I got a goal, and I got 90 minutes,” he said. “As you get older, you look at what’s going on: Rubes and Lewi are doing well. Rubes is one of the best strikers in the league; Lewi’s close behind that.

“Instead of me being angry and miserable, I’m a realist. I’m getting older and you start to realise that those two are playing well and until they stop playing well…I don’t want them to stop playing well, because I get on well with them, and with Deane, and you just want everyone to do well.

“I want to play, but there is no point on me banging on the gaffer’s door because the team is doing very, very well; the gaffer is bringing players in who are doing very, very well. It happens in football.

“When I did play, I had four starts and I scored one goal and we were undefeated in those four games. The team shape changed so I haven’t played in the last two games; I haven’t even made an appearance. That is football and, as you get older, you begin to realise that and think ‘I can be pissed off but it is what it is.’

“I know there are teams that want to take me on loan, but I do not want to go on loan. I want to stay here. When your chance comes, if I had a good game, if I never had a good game…I look at it I scored and that’s what it comes down to.”

Marvin’s goal was a close-range header following a corner from Ollie Norburn that was helped towards goal by Carl McHugh.

He said: “I actually thought I’d missed it because I had to swivel right round. I kind of missed where the goal was but I thought ‘If I put it in that direction, hopefully it will go in.’

“I don’t care how they go in as long as I can get some goals this season. I’ve got to get in the gaffer’s head and, if he plays me, I’ve got to do a job.”