Something To Shout About

ARGYLE striker Reid believes that a major difference in this campaign compared to the last is the business that Argyle manager John Sheridan did during the off season.

Argyle are unbeaten in seven league fixtures, and the Pilgrims striker believes the positive results are down to the team being a lot more vocal on the pitch, and some key additions being made to the squad.

“We kept the good experience, and I think we made some key additions to the squad that have really come in and done well," said Reuben. "Hopefully that continues.”

In the summer, Argyle waved goodbye to former Pilgrims captain Conor Hourihane, with Sheridan making the decision to give the captain's armband to Curtis Nelson.

Nelson is not the only leader, though, with Reuben and other senior players doing their bit to ensure the team's vocal talents speak for themselves.

“There’s a few captains all over the pitch," said Reuben.

“I think everyone’s got enough respect for each other to do their right job.

“Everyone is pulling the right way. Like I said, it’s a credit to the group and it bodes well with our character.”

With Argyle currently sitting in a play-off spot, Reuben believes that despite the Pilgrims are enjoying a good run of form, there’s no danger of the squad becoming over confident.

Reid said: “The mood is as it should be really.

“There’s no over exuberant confidence. When it’s time to work, everyone’s working and when it’s time to enjoy yourself, everyone’s enjoying themselves.

“It’s a good mood, but like I said before we got a good group in there - that’s probably our main asset.”