Dry Weather in Accrington

OUR Man in the North, Peter Cropper, offers his views from the away terrace at Accrington...

'Dry Weather in Accrington' - now there’s a headline you don’t read every day!

The usual triumvirate of myself, Eric the Janner and Kellaton Bob was swelled to a group of four as David joined us. A Middlesbrough supporter by trade, he was keen to see what the fuss was about and perhaps be integrated into the Green Army.

After a refreshing pint in the Crown it was also refreshing that there was no sea of mud to negotiate before we reached the turnstiles. The welcome sign greeted us and the lady taking the money implored us to enjoy the match – all very pleasant. After the paddy field of the last visit in March the sprinklers were on this time. September usually delivers meteorologically – even in Lancashire.

The match was a disappointment; not from the point of view of Argyle’s performance, but the result. I cannot recall the last time I saw a team dominate so much and lose – but it’s all about putting the ball in the net and not the number of corners won. The ball just would not go in. Perhaps it would have been different with two R Reids on the field, though the one we did see played well, I thought.

So it goes. Sometimes it’s not your day. We ought to credit the Accrington defence and Mr Chapman who, on debut, seemed to fill the entire goal.

My next date with the Argyle is October 25. We’re taking a half-term break in Cornwall and, as luck would have it, Argyle are at home to Cheltenham at the end of it. Fans’ Fest, pasties, cider – it’s all there waiting for me.

The last time I was at Home Park, in the spring, Argyle won 5-0. More of the same, please.

Green Army!