In The Long Run

ARGYLE'S squad made use of the gym facilities at the Plymouth Life Centre on Thursday...

...with Performance Manager John Harbin explaining that it was important to vary training in a week that has included a midweek away trip.

"We tried to keep them off their legs as much as possible," said John, "but make sure they were working, so they did a gym session.

"The boys that didn’t get maximum time [at Wimbledon] all trained but they did cardiovascular work and some core-stability work, just to keep them fresh.

"You can never see, until we know the result, whether it’s worked.

"It was a long trip home. We got home at 3.30 on Wednesday morning. Some were in later on in the afternoon to do a bit of swimming and a bit of recovery. So we toned it right down today and there will be a full session tomorrow (Friday).

"We are aware of where they are with everything. We keep a record of how many minutes they’ve played this season - and we try to nip tings in the bud. You don’t want them to break down so you try to give them a rest before they break down, rather than after. It’s being procative, rather than reactive."

Included in the group was Ben Purrington, who has been absent from the first team since breaking his wrist against Accrington Stanley.

The young left-back has not, though, been left out of things altogether. While his injury prevents him from full contact sessions, he has been able to work hard on his general fitness, alongside the rest of the lads.

"Ben Purrington’s doing very well," said Harbin. "He’s maintained his fitness to such an extent that, when he’s all cleared by the medical team he will almost be straight available for a game. Once he gets the plaster off, he will be available for selection.

"It’s a real pleasure to work with him because he just wants to work. He wants to do more and more. He’s coming on well.

"You get some people who get bit of a knock and think the world’s against them, but he really wants to work. There’s no alternative to working smartly when you’re injured."