Eager For Eagles

ARGYLE manager John Sheridan is seriously considering taking up predecessor Neil Warnock’s offer of borrowing young up-and-coming players from Premier League Crystal Palace.

Neil recently re-took up the reins at the South London club – becoming the third successive former Argyle manager to sit in the palace hot seat, after Tony Pulis and Ian Holloway – and immediately offered his former club the potential helping hand.

The suggestion came in Neil’s weekly column in the Western Morning News on Sunday, and John responded to it by arranging for coaches Sean McCarthy and Paul Wotton to attend Palace’s Under-21 game at Bristol City on Monday night.

John said: “We’ll watch them and, if there are one or two players who are available and would interest us, Neil has told me he would help us out. I spoke to Neil on Saturday morning. Neil’s more or less said ‘There are players who would do a job for you’ so we’ll see what comes out of it.

“We’re always looking for players. There’s probably about 20-30 18-year-olds I could get tomorrow but is an 18-year-old the right player? I know I brought Alex [Bray] in but Alex was figuring in the [Swansea] first team and had been involved in the first team.

“Some of these lads are doing really well in the Under-21s but are they ready?

“I’ve enquired about one or two experienced players who I think would do great job for us, but it’s just difficult: money is one [reason] and location. But we’ll keep plugging away.”