Keep On Moving

Ferrero, Football League Trust and Argyle Community Trust join forces to get kids moving.

Ferrero, the Football League Trust and Argyle Community Trust have announced a partnership to deliver a programme for Plymouth schools to encourage children to take part in physical activity, build awareness of the importance of a healthy diet and adopt an active lifestyle. Ten schools in the local area will be taking part in the initiative, getting approximately 600 children moving.

The +Sport Move and Learn Project is part of Ferrero’s global Kinder+Sport initiative designed to encourage healthy and active lifestyles in children across the world. In the UK the programme has a national target to move 21,300 children, through 192,000 hours of activity and education across the UK and Ireland.

Over the course of six weeks, children from Year 5 classes (9 – 10 year olds) will spend nine hours learning about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Each week the children will take part in a 90 minute session; spending 45 minutes in the classroom covering six different topics related to the body, nutrition, the importance of exercise and information about food groups.

Other Football League clubs - including Watford, Blackburn Rovers, Coventry City, Charlton Athletic, Derby County. Middlesbrough and Sheffield United - are also getting involved in the project.

Schools will also take part in a match-day penalty shoot-out on during Argyle matches at Home Park, competing in a knockout competition, while Argyle players – and Pilgrim Pete – might be dropping by some school sessions.

Schools taking part in the area include St Pauls, Kings, Laira Green and High View Primary Schools.

Argyle captain Curtis Nelson said: “The +Sport Move and Learn project integrates the importance of nutritional values and enables participates to become active and experience different sports. It’s a fantastic opportunity for young people to learn about the importance of health and activity. I’m pleased to be involved with such a worthwhile project.”