No Laughing Matter

ARGYLE manager John Sheridan called the goal that condemned the Pilgrims to a first ever defeat at Accrington “comical”.

Kal Naismith’s 13th-minute strike came against the run of play and defeat was desperately frustrating for everyone connected with Argyle, who otherwise dominated the Sky Bet League 2 match.

The goal was a chapter of errors, starting with Nathan Thomas losing possession and ending with Naismith’s shot creeping under the body of goalkeeper Luke McCormick.

“The goal that we conceded was very soft - a poor, poor goal,” said John. “The goal was comical.

“It was a cheap and soft goal and, when you get in front, teams have got something to hang on to and fight for.

“We have got a good defensive record – one of the best in the division – but we let soft, soft goals in.”