The Crazy Adventures of Marvin Morgan

ARGYLE striker Marvin Morgan has revealed the drama of this week’s “crazy adventure” after becoming a dad for the first time.

Marvin’s long-term partner Jerri gave birth to their son – Miles Jay – in her hometown of Newcastle during the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Following last Sunday’s Sky Bet League 2 defeat at Morecambe, 31-year-old Marvin had delayed his return to Plymouth in order to spend an additional day with his expectant girlfriend, and planned to return there following the Pilgrims’ midweek match.

“I spoke to John [Sheridan] about it,” said Marvin. “I had just got back in the team and I was going to play the game against Wycombe on Tuesday and then go back up to Newcastle.

“I booked a ticket on Sunday to come back to Plymouth on Monday and the missus was fine. She was due on Saturday but there were no signs of her having a baby. She had no pains – nothing.

“I got to Newcastle station on Monday and we were rushing around. I asked her: ‘What platform am I meant to be on’? She said: ‘You are on platform three’ but I should have been on platform four, so I got on the wrong train.”

The Argyle striker, however, did not realise this until an inspector boarded the train and asked to check his ticket.

He said: “I was chilling, with the headphones in watching a DVD, thinking I was on my way back to Plymouth, and I was actually on the way to London. So, I had to buy a ticket on the train to London. That was another £200 on top of the £100 I had already paid.”

Having boarded the wrong train by mistake and spending £300 in the process, Marvin must have been wondering if things could possibly get any more complicated. Well, as the striker found out, the situation developed after receiving an unexpected call.

“Literally 10 minutes after I had bought the ticket, I got a ’phone call from the missus and she said: ‘I think I’m going into labour’. So I got to London and then had to get on another train back to Newcastle. That cost me another £200, but I got there in time.

“It was a false alarm the first time, but, later on, she went into labour and we went to the hospital. She had Miles just past midnight on Tuesday. It cost me £500 in train fares but it was all worth it to be there for the birth.”

Although Marvin missed Tuesday’s defeat against Wycombe, he is hoping to feature in the manager’s plans for this Saturday’s home game with Hartlepool United.

He joked: “I don’t think I have ever seen a footballer have paternity leave!”