A Royal Thank You

THIS season, we have been proud to wear the Royal British Legion’s poppy logo on our shirts – home and away – thanks to a unique partnership involving the Green Army.

The Argyle Fans’ Trust made a sponsorship donation to the club on behalf of the RBL to acknowledge the work the organisation carries out for the men and women of the Armed Services; in return, the club helped promote the Trust’s season-long campaign to fundraise for the RBL.

Argyle Ladies have also worn the poppy this season and have secured RBL sponsorship for another, and we welcome both the RBL and the Ladies here this afternoon.

Ralph Howard-Williams, County Chairman of Devon RBL, said: “As the 2014-15 season comes to a close, I am delighted to have the opportunity to thank both Plymouth Argyle and the Argyle Fans' Trust for the fantastic support they have given to the Royal British Legion. 

“It has been really thrilling to know that the Legion 1914/2014 centenary logo has been worn throughout the season by Plymouth Argyle at both home and away matches! Devon’s ‘Poppy appeal has done tremendously well in the current year, being up by some 40%. That is a testament to the support of the public in Devon and the part played by Plymouth Argyle has been really significant. 

“So I say a huge ‘thank you’ to Plymouth Argyle, to the Argyle Fans' Trust, and to all the loyal fans and supporters who have made all this possible. I hope that your season will prove as spectacularly successful; as ours has been.”