Be Sure to be Positive

IT will take more than an Australian cyclone to bring John Harbin down.

Argyle’s performance manager believes the club can use a positive attitude in their fight to make the Sky Bet League 2 play-offs, calling on his recent experiences in the southern hemisphere to add a sense of perspective to the season's run-in. 

The Pilgrims are entering a vital period with only three games remaining of the season, travel to Carlisle United on Saturday in the hope of securing a vital three points. 

John’s experiences on a recent stay in Australia - and an encounter with Cyclone Marcia - have only served to enhance his stance on the value of positivity to a football club.

“I value people having an opinion," said John. "I think that’s what the world is all about. But I’ve just been in Australia and the cyclone was there; I had to visit the hospital every day. The cyclone actually lasted for an hour but it’s the aftermath - no water, no power - and that went on for weeks. 

"You don't want a negative doctor, or surgeon, or nurse, on that ward. 

“You want to be around positive people, and that’s what I try and impress on the players here about encouragement and being positive with each other; life is too short to be negative.

“It’s just as easy to say well done as it is to do the opposite. I think as human beings we’ve got a duty to make other people feel better.”

Argyle are currently in their fourth season in Sky Bet League 2 but John thinks the club are right to aim higher.

He said: “High expectations are great things to have. If your target is mediocrity and you fail at that where do you end up? Down in the division below us. So, your target has got to be to get out of the division and not to be frightened to say it. 

“We need - not want - we need to be out of the division, and our goal is to get out. I’m still confident we’ll be in League 1 next season and we’ve said that all along.”