"Humble and Focused"

AS Argyle push on in their quest to secure a play-off spot...

...Jason Banton believes that keeping a calm head will help the side, to stop any unnecessary pressure building amongst the dressing room. 

With Argyle hopping in and out of the play-offs over the recent weeks, Jason feels the squad are focused on the task in hand. 

“Everyone is humble and focused," said Jason. "That’s what John Harbin and the gaffer have got into us; to just focus to go into each game as it comes.

“The play-offs are not too far away; hopefully we can get in them, but like I said, we have got to take each game as it comes, and hopefully we’ll be where we need to be, come May 3.

“We just need to focus on ourselves."

With Argyle facing the possibility of their first promotion since 2004, Jason feels the team are level-headed, yet admitted that the dressing room is excited about what the next two months could potentially hold in store. 

“It’s buzzing, in terms of what potentially we could do," said Jason, "but we’re not trying to look too far ahead of ourselves, just in case we overlook what we need to do in the next couple of games.

“That’s all we can do. Just carry on, focusing on ourselves as opposed to trying to focus on other results I’m sure where we’ll be where we need to be.

“We can’t really look at it in a negative way too much, as it’s just added pressure what we don’t need really. There’s a game this week and we need to win it.”