ON Saturday, we play our final home league game of the season, against Tranmere Rovers.

Winning keeps our chances of qualifying for the post-season play-offs – and the prospects of another historic visit to Wembley – very much alive.

Defeat…well, defeat is not worth contemplating.

History shows that, when the great Argyle family rallies round the 11 Pilgrims tasked with wearing the Green, we have a strength and a power that is difficult to resist.

Imagine how our players would feel if they were to walk out on Saturday into a Home Park packed to the gunwales, transformed into a vibrant sea of green, loud and proud; imagine how the Tranmere players would feel. 

Imagine if we all set aside whatever differences we might have about our best starting 11, tactics and style of play and just cheered our team to the rafters for 90 minutes. 

Imagine if we got #TogetherForTranmere.

So, let’s get the word out that there is only one place to be on Saturday afternoon – Home Park, the Theatre of Greens.

We have created a poster which you can download here and print out and display wherever you like: home, businesses, workplace, school, club, pub, etc.

Or you can create one yourself, and publish on social media using the #TogetherForTranmere hashtag.

Send us a pic, and we will publish a selection. As well as that, we will hand out two prizes – one for the most imaginative use of a poster and another drawn at random from all the pictures we receive.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s tell everyone that we still believe.

Let’s tell everyone we are going to finish what we have started.

Let’s tell everyone that we are #TogetherForTranmere.