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A PROUD Plymouth couple are celebrating the birth of triplets with a bizarre Argyle connection.

The birth, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, of three beautiful girls named Sandra, Alice and Louise simply sounds like a nice, yet ordinary, tale – until a nurse at Derriford Hospital spotted a peculiar connection.

“I was arranging the name-tags for these girls when I changed the order in my hand and realised what I was seeing,” said Staff Nurse Joyce Warren. “I’m a huge Argyle fan, and when I saw the names Louise, Alice and Sandra I immediately thought: ‘Oh my goodness: Lewi Alessandra!’

“The three girls all weighed 7lb 7oz when born, and are in great health. They seem to have so much energy! 

“We put them in cots on the right-hand side of the nursery to begin with and they were a little unsettled, but since we put them in the middle they seem very contented.”

The mother of Louise, Alice and Sandra, Holly Lee, of Hartley, was amazed at the coincidence. 

“We are not really football fans but we do love the city of Plymouth,” she said, “and hope Argyle do well, so we love the link, even if it was unintentional. 

“We certainly didn’t do it on purpose,” said Connor Lee, originally from Liverpool. “In fact we only changed our minds late on – the girls were going to be called Lily, Anne and Alice. 

“Multiple births do run in my family. My sister, Donna, only last year, had two lovely twins – Baz and Sarah – and my father, Jack and his brother Leslie, were twins. The Lee family are famous for it!

“Even I am one of twins,” added Connor. “Me and my twin brother Antonio are very close, and I also have a cousin Jon, in Sheffield, who gave birth to twin boys, Tony and James.”

A patient on Elliot Ward spoke to us about meeting the babies: “They really are very striking,” said Hal Moseley. “They were crying, but I just assumed they were hungry.”

We also spoke to Neil, an ill man, who said he felt so much better after meeting the triplets he instigated a conga around the ward! “Do, do, do – Louise Alice and Sandra,” he sang.

Everyone at Argyle would like to wish Holly Lee, Connor Lee and all the small Lees – Louise, Alice and Sandra – all the very best.

That also goes for the triplets’ grandmother, Wember Lee. 


UPDATE: We have the an exclusive picture of the triplets - click here to see it - aren't they cute?