Stronger Together

WHEN Derek Adams, Craig Brewster and Paul Wotton are in conference ahead of the match against Cambridge on Saturday...

...they are not the only members of the think tank tasked with sussing out our opponents. 

Chief Scout Greg Strong is an integral part of the Argyle set-up, tasked with traveling the country not only to find hidden gems that could enhance the Pilgrims' squad, but to run the rule over future opponents. 

Greg left his role as manager of Rhyl by mutual consent at the end of the 2014-15 season and headed straight back to the Football League when his former team mate Derek Adams got him on board.

The Bolton-born defender played alongside the former Ross County manager at Livingston and Motherwell and jumped at the chance of working alongside each other once more. With Greg’s family based in the north west it was agreed that Strong would take on the role of chief scout which allowed him to stay with his family whilst travelling around the country to games and reporting back to the manager.

Derek said: “His main task is to go and see the opposition before we play. I always like to know from somebody watching the game. We watch it on videos as well, which gives us an insight and we can break it down.

“It’s always important that somebody can see the whole pitch and see where the team have their strengths and weaknesses.

“When he’s up there [in the north west] he’s got the motorways. He can go north, south, east and west and quite quickly. He’s been a number of times to London this season so he’s been on his travels.

“I worked with a chief scout in Scotland, Stuart Millar, for seven or eight years and that relationship is important because it’s important that you see the game from somebody else’s eyes as well.

“On your own you can miss things and it’s important that you listen to other people.“