Luke Who Came To Visit

LUKE McCormick is not a man to take a pair of gloves he saved a penalty in and give them away lightly.

However, after the letter we received a short time ago from Gemma Smith from St Jude's, Luke was happy to part with the gloves. 

Gemma wrote to us explaining what a star her son Liam, 9, has been recently. His little sister has been extremely poorly, and it has been a very hard time for the whole family. Liam, though, remained upbeat, positive and helpful, and never once complained about the situation. 

Liam's mother asked if we could send a signed picture of his favourite player - Luke - as a gift for his good behaviour. When we told Luke, though, he wanted to do something special for a boy that comes to every game, usually wearing his pink goalkeeper shirt to Home Park. 

So, last week, Luke stopped by Liam's house, gloves in hand. You can watch what happened, below...