The Borrowers

JOHN Sheridan has not ruled out the possibility of Bobby Reid, Anthony O’Connor or Andy Kellett all making more appearances for Argyle.

Kellett and O’Connor both played in the Pilgrims’ 0-0 draw against Southend United, whilst Reid was missing, having returned to Bristol City

Blackburn’s O’Connor has now also gone back to his parent club, while Kellett, contracted to Bolton Wanderers, plays his last game for the Pilgrims next week against Luton Town. 

The manager, however, will be doing everything in his power to see the three starlets feature again for his team – or at least bring in other talented players to fill the gap. 

“I am okay with what I have got,” said John, “but I will be trying hard to sort everything out; I have been trying hard for the last two weeks, and I will keep trying until I get a yes or a no.

“It is still not out of the question [that Bobby will return]. I think Bobby just wants to keep his options open. 

“I would not say that it is done and dusted that he is not coming back, if he is sat on his backside watching football today instead of playing. He could have been playing here, and we have got a big game this week, but I understand his position, and that is the trouble you can have with loan players when they are doing well. 

“Other clubs get interested in them, or they go back to the club they are from – it is always a tricky one. I do not think it is a dead situation. I will keep it open, but I have got to look to see whether I need to strengthen in that area, and I will do that if I have to do it. 

“[Anthony] will go back to Blackburn. They know the situation: we want to keep him and Anthony wants to stay, so it is really down to Blackburn. 

“I will work to try and get him, and if it happens it happens. If it does not, I will just concentrate on who I am going to play.”

As for Kellett, the boss said: “Again, we will just ask the question. Andy’s [loan deal] is up next week, but we want all three of them to stay, so we are pushing to sort all of those deals out. 

“If they do not happen, they do not happen, and I will just move on and try and fill those areas.” 

As well as those areas of the field, Sheridan is also closing in on bringing another striker to Home Park to work alongside Reuben Reid, Lewis Alessandra and Marvin Morgan. 

“I am still working on a striker,” said the gaffer.

“I thought I would have a striker today but it was not to be, and I am hoping I will have a striker next week. There are three strikers I have got in mind.”