Brews Clues

After a brace against Elburton Villa on Tuesday night, Argyle striker Ryan Brunt feels he can benefit from the appointments made at Home Park this summer... particular the addition of assistant manager Craig Brewster. 

Argyle's assistant manager, a former striker, scored almost 300 career goals as a player, and Brunt is confident that having Craig around will be beneficial: "The people that have been appointed can really benefit me, and I've seen that in the last few weeks. I think Brew, the assistant now...I can learn so much from him."

"It's all about progressing myself as a player and that's the main thing I think I can get out of the appointments that have been made. We've already done little bits that will help me. It's just little things that he says that I can pick up on, being a striker myself."

Last season Argyle's defenders spoke highly of how useful Paul Wotton was to help their progression, and Ryan feels that Craig will have a similar effect on Argyle's strikers this term: "I can see that already. Obviously the last couple of weeks have been fairly fitness based and we've not been able to do that much extra. But I can definitely see me working with him quite closely and I'm looking forward to it.

"I think you can learn from every player on the pitch, whether it be a striker in front of goal, or their attitude to how they live their lives. Everyday is a learning curve, definitely from the manager now and Craig who has come in."

Speaking about his goals on Tuesday, Brunt added: "It's nice to score a goal against any team. It's a good start. It's some minutes in my legs and that's the main thing really at this stage of the season."