Hunter Gathering Experience

ARGYLE physiotherapist Tom Hunter has been experiencing life in the Dale Farm Milk Cup for the first time - and is already thinking about a return next year.

The young Pilgrims have been playing a lot of football, in consecutive days, so one might expect Tom's task to be a tricky one. 

He said: "A few players have been tight but that is no more than you would expect after their first experience of  competitive football and playing four games in as many days.

"To be fair we were hit by a bug early in the week which wiped two of the lads out but they have recovered from that and after four days we've only really got one that can't play through injury so it is not too bad.

"We've been trying our best to give the lads plenty of recovery time with the right food, plenty of fluids and we took them swimming in the sea to use it like an ice bath. 

"We are trying to do everything right and what is needed to keep them fit for the last game."

"I have been very impressed with the overall organisation and the staff that have come over this year have been fantastic. It has been my first time and has been a bit of a learning curve, but although it has been very tiring for all concerned everything about the place is brilliant. 

"The people out here have been very welcoming; the hotel have been have been keeping us supplied with the correct food which is what we need and I would love to come back again next year if I was asked."