Middle Class

IT has been a busy few weeks for Argyle's new boss Derek Adams, bringing five players to Home Park...

...and Adams has hinted that he will further his squad by considering loan signings next month ahead of the Pilgrims' Sky Bet League 2 campaign. 

Argyle's Glasgow-born manager says he is happy with the business that he has done, and has said the only additions would most likely be in the form of loans, highlighting his midfield as an area that could do with more depth. Midfielder Josh Simpson was brought in by Adams on Monday to fit into that position, but there could be scope for further additions. 
Adams said: "We've taken in five signings and I think that we've used the budget we were given very well. We've had to be creative; we've got a nucleus of a squad from last year and the players we've added from this year."

"We're a wee bit short in midfield and Josh is able to give us that added bite in midfield. He's able to go forward very comfortably and will take the ball wherever. We feel we can do well in that area of the park and we do lack numbers there. 

"We're comfortable with the options we've got up front at this moment in time, but that's never to say we wouldn't take a loan signing. We are a wee bit short in the midfield area, so that's an area we have to address before we address any other area.

"The only additions would be loan signings at this moment in time so from a permanent point of view it looks like we're finished but from a loan signing point of view that could be coming into next August."

All five of Adams' additions have joined Argyle on one-year contracts. However, that does tell only part of the tale of the deals. 

"Technically they are on one-year-contracts," said Adams, "but they've got added incentives in their contract to give that advantage to the club and the player, so if they do well there can be a second year there. It is performance related. It is something that is beneficial for the player and the club. If they do well and we do well it's going to work both ways." 

"There's two ways of looking at it. There's a comfort zone and there's something about having to perform to earn another contract - we're on the latter."