Nelse On Day One

ARGYLE captain Curtis Nelson returned to training with old and new team-mates on Monday morning after a six-week summer break...

...and was full of compliments for the new faces at the club. 

Gary Sawyer, Gregg Wylde, Graham Carey and Jake Jervis all lined up in Argyle gear for the first time, as a fresh-faced Argyle squad started their first session with a series of grueling sprint and yo-yo tests, and would continue with more running challenges during the day.

"It's not going to get any easier," said Curtis, "but it will be a good pre-season.

"It wasn't too bad to begin with, doing the sprints, but the yo-yo tests were a lot harder."  
Nelson commented that he was impressed with the new signings made so far, saying: "They're really good, they've settled in really well.

"We've not really seen too much of them yet but it's been good so far."