Sit Down, Spike Up

ARGYLE'S first team have recorded their first victory of the season - but not on the pitch.

In the latest annual challenge match against Plymouth Albion, our lads prevailed...and they did so sitting on their behinds. 

After a couple of years of challenge matches on the bowling green (we won them, too), our hosts at Plymouth Life Centre gave the lads a grounding in Sitting Volleyball. It is often used as an inclusive game for disabled or rehabilitating participants, but is available to all, and was a sport both the Argyle and Albion lads seemed to take to. 

After a quick lesson in the basics of serves, spikes and blocks, each side took to the show court to face off over three sets, with Argyle prevailing by two sets to one. 

Our thanks to the Life Centre for being great hosts, and to Albion for being excellent opponents - here's to 2015-16 being a successful season for the whole of Plymouth.