Step by Step

PETER Hartley believes that Argyle must take baby steps rather than looking too far into the future...

...highlighting the Pilgrims' opening day trip to AFC Wimbledon as their immediate goal.

Speaking on the first day back at training, the Argyle defender set his sights on a Pilgrim promotion: "We had a good season last year, but in my opinion I still think we under-achieved. 

"We were one of the better teams in the league and our consistency just let us down in the end. We have got to just build on what we achieved last season as a team, and we've got to aim for promotion, whether its through the play-offs or automatically. You take baby steps, you don't look at the end goal; you look at the first game of the season at Wimbledon."

There is an optimism around Argyle's team, with the additions of Gary Sawyer, Jake Jervis, Gregg Wylde and Graham Carey coming before pre-season got underway, then supplemented by the addition of Josh Simpson on Monday evening. 

Hartley is impressed with what he has seen from the new signings so far: "I've played against Jake a few times when he's been out on loan. They look like good boys. They've mixed in straight away, which is always a promising sign. I don't think they will have a problem settling in. They seem like grounded lads and they will definitely add to the team we had last season."

The man behind those signings, Derek Adams, met many of the players for the first time on Monday and Peter has taken to the new manager warmly. 

"He had a chat with the boys and he seemed like a decent bloke," said Peter. "Obviously he's going to work us hard, but that's what everyone expects. Everyone wants to be fit. If you're a good footballing team and you're a fit team as well, not many teams will beat you."

Monday was Argyle's first day of pre-season, and Peter was happy to get back into action: "It's been good. It's good to see the boys again. We got the yo-yo test out the way this morning and we've got a few track runs this afternoon. We can go get a bite to eat and go again this afternoon."

Next stop, Kingsmeadow.